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To be successful in the media and in the public eye, you need your messages to be understood. You must present yourself clearly and authentically in order to gain the attention of your audience. To achieve this, you need a professional by yourside. We work with you to develop ways to gain positive awareness for yourself as a personality and your messages. Based on a personal branding we identify the core of your identity and develop with you individual strategies to gain attention, present content interestingly and be persuasive in interactions. You'll learn how under realistic live conditions at the hbw | Konferenzzentrum or in our radio and TV studios, or at your site if you prefer. Ask us. We're here for you.

Do you want to give your company a comprehensive public presence? In addition to our courses, we offer other useful services that can be very helpful. You stand to benefit from a complete range of services with valuable synergies and from our all-round service.


This simple needs analysis checklist is intended to help you determine which training focal areas are especially important for you personally. Click a maximum of five points where you feel a need for improvement. Let us know what's important to you; we'll configure the instruction accordingly.

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