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Show presence. Targeted. Sustained. Successful.

Companies, associations and institutions all need press and public relations work. How do you keep yourself and your messages in the public eye for the long term? How do you make your points in a discussion? mbw's PR experts help you with press releases, press conferences, editorial visits, background talks and online PR. We use TV and audio PR to transport your message through as many channels as possible and achieve your goals. In addition, we provide all services around crisis communication and social media. Talk to us. We'll be glad to advise you.

Do you want to give your company a full-coverage public presence? It addition to public relations, we offer other services that can be very helpful. You stand to benefit from a complete range of services with valuable synergies and from our complete service.

Close press contact, high attention.

Make your message heard.

PR Concepts and Strategies

The effectiveness of your message depends on the right timing, a suitable hook, expressive pictures and the targeted address of media and journalists. mbw PR experts have long experience and first-class contacts. They will work with you to developlong-term effective strategies and concepts.

  • long-term strategic consulting
  • design and execution of effective PR
  • contacts with journalists and editors
  • organization of press conferences and talks
  • creation and distribution of press kits
  • radio and TV reporting based on TV footage
  • image films, radio programmes, radio presskits and podcasts

PR-Department and Editorial Office

Our PR Department can advise and assist you in drafting and distributing press kits. We maintain close contacts with editors, journalists and media people throughout Germany, and create custom presskits for all of our clients. You can be sure that your message gets through.

  • member, corporate and employee publications
  • newsletters
  • editorial support for websites and online media
  • press releases
  • press invitations
  • articles and reports for trade publications

Media Contacts

Media work needs continuity in order to succeed. So we maintain long-term, strategic relationships with journalists and media representatives. Our PR specialists have close relationships with editors, and keep them current. This gives rise to a productive working relationship from which all parties derive lasting benefit.

  • creation of contacts to press representatives and editors
  • professional planning, execution and follow up of press
    conferences and meetings
  • ongoing expansion and updating of client-specific press
    distribution lists
  • we handle journalists on your behalf before, during and after

Online PR

We'll show you how you can use the Internet to effectively place your messages and position yourself personally. Our goal is to give you a positive image online, with an authentic, consistent presence. Our PR editors manage your web content and produce text, podcasts and audio files.

Crisis Communication

In crisis situations you need a professional partner by your side whom you can trust completely. Support, advice, systematic communication and fast action are of critical importance. mbw consultants are there to help before, during and after a crisis. We're available quickly, and are dependable and absolutely discreet.

  • analysis of potential crisis issues
  • identification of crisis sources
  • development of a communication strategy
    for fast reaction in case of emergency
Crisis Management
  • immediate analysis
  • media strategy and operative PR support
  • personal coaching
  • crisis documentation and analysis
  • reputation management measures
  • communication and media training

Social Media

Social networks increase awareness of your company, strengthen your business relationships and create a foundation for trusting interactions with your customers. Facebook posts, tweets and blog entries can help you gain customers and maintain individual contact with key accounts and network partners. Discover with us how communication works on the social web. We'll be glad to advise you.

  • analysis of your current situation and development of goals
  • selection of promising social media channels
  • social web presence concept
  • social media monitoring
  • ongoing expansion and updating of contacts with
    social media networks